Our Pastor

Pastor Rob Corum

Our pastor, Rob Corum, is originally from rural central Missouri.  He attended the University of Missouri at Rolla (now Missouri School of Science and Technology, Missouri S&T), where he joined the Lutheran Church in a confirmation class of one, and where he met his wife Chris.  After college, he worked as an engine design engineer for Caterpillar for almost 19 years.  During that time God worked in his life through friends and his church to get him involved in more and more ministry and eventually to discern his call to full time ministry.  He spent a total of 5 years in prison ministry and 1 ½ years in pulpit supply as a lay worship leader after six months of training.  He took a year off from Cat, working in campus ministry at Purdue University and as an occasional substitute teacher at the local Jr/Sr High School, while continuing the prison ministry and pulpit supply, before heading off to Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa.

Rob’s wife, Chris, is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but came to live in Seward, Nebraska in the 6th grade, eventually graduating from Seward High in 1979.  She met Rob in college and then entered the Air Force for two years after college.   After that, she was a quality engineer at a steel manufacturer.  She and Rob moved to Lafayette Indiana, at which time she returned to school, eventually becoming a tenured professor of Metals/Materials, Manufacturing/Industrial Processes, and Quality Systems at Purdue University.  In addition to her experience in the steel industry, she has spent the last few years working with clients in the healthcare industry to improve their processes, most recently the Veterans Affairs department.

Rob and Chris will have been married for 25 years this coming October.  They have no children, but are blessed with the company of two dogs and three horses.  Rob is still a self-described “motor-head” but his hobbies have led him away from engines to sailing and horses.  He also really enjoys watching sports, especially football, hockey, and college basketball.  Chris’ greatest hobby is her horses, but she also loves to read and play games.  Both very much enjoy music of many sorts.